Financial Information

Outpatient consultation fees are not paid by private health funds. Some patients will be eligible for a Medicare rebate. Patients are required to pay the consultation fee in full on the day. Once paid the account will be submitted to Medicare so the patient can receive their Medicare rebate.

Quotes for surgery are provided preoperatively and accounts for privately insured patients will be sent directly to their private health fund post-operatively. Gap fees are out-of-pocket expenses that are not covered by the patient’s health fund. Patients will be advised of any gap fees for Dr Ganesh preoperatively, payment of these fees is required a week before the procedure.

Uninsured self-funding patients are welcome, however, they will need to pay their accounts in full prior to surgery.

Service fees for medical and surgical procedures:

The service fees charged are mostly well below the rates suggested by the Australian Medical Association(AMA). The AMA fees have been indexed to the CPI since the introduction of Medicare.

These fees cover the costs of running a modern medical practice. Fees vary according to procedure and take into account the skill, experience, and training that have been required to be able to perform these procedures.

The costs of running a medical practice include but are not limited to:

  • Communication with your GP and other specialists,
  • Booking procedures
  • Interpreting and acting on the results of investigations
  • Employment of support staff
  • Purchase and ongoing maintenance of software, hardware, equipment, medical and office supplies
  • Rental of medical rooms and associated utility costs
  • Insurance for the practice and indemnity for the surgeon