Dr. Shanthan Ganesh

Dr Shanthan Ganesh MBBS, BSc(med), FRACS, MMIS

Colorectal and General Surgeon

Specializes in:

SCOPES – Endoscopy, Colonoscopy

PERIANAL SURGERY – Haemorrhoid surgery, Surgery for perianal fistulae, Surgery for anal fissure, Excision of skin tags, Drainage of perianal abscess

GENERAL SURGERY – Excision of skin lesions( not on the face or hands), Laparoscopic cholecystectomy, Laparoscopic hernia surgery, Open hernia surgery, Large incisional hernia repair, Laparoscopic appendicectomy, Pilonidal surgery, Ingrown toenail surgery

COLORECTAL SURGERY – Surgery (colectomy) for bowel cancer, Surgery (colectomy) for diverticular disease

Consulting Sites and Hospitals

Dr Ganesh is excited to announce that he has moved his practice to Jerningham Street. Committed to providing his patients with a service convenient to where they live, he consults at the following locations:

A centralised booking service makes the process of referring and booking patients simple. His administrative staff will work with your staff, or patient, to find the most convenient location for an appointment in a timely fashion.

When surgery is required, he offers his patients both day and overnight surgery options at the following hospitals:

Free parking is available at Southern Endoscopy, Northern Endoscopy, and Calvary Centrals.